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Volume 10, Number 1, February 2019, pages 46-54

Association of p53 Gene Mutation With Helicobacter pylori Infection in Gastric Cancer Patients and Its Correlation With Clinicopathological and Environmental Factors


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Showing the layout of patients.


Table 1. Factors Related to p53 Mutation
FactorsPositivePercentageNegativePercentageTotalP value
  Non smoker1970.4%829.6%27
Age group
  ≤ 40 yrs1794.4%15.6%180.015
  ≥ 41 yrs3566%1834%43
Location of the tumor
Extra salt intake
Morphology of the tumor
Tumor (T)
  T1 - T34279.2%1120.8%530.05
Lymph node status (N)
  N1 - N32665.0%1435.0%40
Metastasis (M)
H. pylori
  Positive4178.8 %1019.2%510.043
  Well differentiated35.76030.247
  Moderately differentiated2038.461121.1531
  Poorly differentiated2955.76815.3837


Table 2. Logistic Regression Analysis of H. pylori and p53 Mutation (Dependent Variable: p53, Sample Size = 71)
Model summary
Step-2 Log likelihoodCox & Snell R SquareNagelkerke R Square
aEstimation terminated at iteration number 6 because parameter estimates changed by less than 0.001.


Table 3. Variables in the Equation
SE: standard error; DF: degree of freedom; Sig: significance level; Exp (B): exponentiation of the B coefficient, which is an odds ratio.
Extra salt1.1490.8451.84810.1743.155
Stage T1.8220.8634.45410.0356.184
Stage N1.1500.8721.73810.1873.159
Stage M-0.6101.6630.13510.7140.543
H. pylori2.0600.7757.06210.0087.848
Age group2.6931.3304.10310.04314.780


Table 4. Contribution of Each Independent Variable to the Model and Its Statistical Significance
BSEWaldDFSigExp (B)95% CI for Exp (B)
aVariable (s) entered on step 1: smoking, location, extra salt, morphology, stage T, stage N, stage M, sex, H. pylori, grading, and age. SE: standard error; DF: degree of freedom; Sig: significance level; Exp (B): exponentiation of the B coefficient, which is an odds ratio.
Step 1a
  Smoking (1)0.3311.0660.09610.7561.3920.17211.248
    Location (1)-0.1852.1000.00810.9300.8310.01450.999
    Location (2)2.1961.1913.39710.058.9850.87092.801
  Extra salt (1)-1.5961.0772.19810.1380.2030.0251.672
    Morphology (1)1.4641.4431.02910.3104.3240.25673.155
    Morphology (2)2.3581.1324.34010.03710.5731.15097.220
  Stage T (1)-4.3261.5018.30710.0040.0130.0010.250
  Stage N (1)-1.5901.1082.05810.1510.2040.0231.790
  Stage M0.00021.000
    Stage M (1)18.10640192.9710.00011.00073013299.5780.000
    Stage M (2)-0.0011.7300.00011.0000.9990.03429.659
  Sex (1)-0.5290.9990.28010.5970.5890.0834.177
  H. pylori (1)-2.6781.0626.35910.0120.0690.0090.551
    Grading (1)-19.31521121.9830.00010.9990.0000.000
    Grading (2)3.8501.4576.98010.00846.9732.701816.839
  Age group-5.2211.9077.49610.0060.0050.0000.227


Table 5. Odd Ratio of p53 Mutation in H. pylori-Infected Patients
H. pyloriOdd ratioInterpretation
p53 positive41113.35People having positive H. pylori have 3.35 times the chance of p53 mutation compared to people having negative H. pylori.