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Kazuaki Takabe, MD, PhD, FACS
Professor, Alfiero Foundation Chair, and Clinical Chief of Breast Surgery in Department of Surgical Oncology at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York, USA
Professor of Surgery with Tenure in Department of Surgery, University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the State University of New York, USA

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  • DNA Damage-Induced Apoptosis Suppressor Triggers Progression and Stemness of Glioma by Enhancing Lymphoid Enhancer-Binding Factor 1 Expression

    DNA damage-induced apoptosis suppressor (DDIAS) has recently been discovered to induce cancer progression, but its functions and mechanisms in glioma have not been well studied. In this study, DDIAS expression in glioma tissues was analyzed by the Gene Expression Profiling Interactive Analysis server (GEPIA) and the Gene Expression database of Normal and Tumor tissue 2 (GENT2) databases.

  • Oxygen and Iron Availability Shapes Metabolic Adaptations of Cancer Cells

    The dynamic changes between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) output, along with glucose, glutamine, and fatty acid utilization, etc., lead to the maintenance and selection of growth advantageous to tumor cell subgroups in an environment of iron starvation and hypoxia.

  • Circadian Clock REV-ERBs Agonist SR9009 Induces Synergistic Antitumor Activity in Multiple Myeloma by Suppressing Glucose-Regulated Protein 78-Dependent Autophagy and Lipogenesis

    Proteasome inhibitors, such as bortezomib, have demonstrated efficacy in the therapeutic management of multiple myeloma (MM). However, it is important to note that these inhibitors also elicit endoplasmic reticulum stress.

  • Folfirinox vs. Gemcitabine + Nab-Paclitaxel as the First-Line Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    The efficacy and safety of Folfirinox (FFX) or gemcitabine + nab-paclitaxel (GnP) to be used as the first-line drugs for pancreatic cancer (PC) is yet to be established. We conducted an analysis of retrospective studies to assess the efficacy and safety of these two regimens by comparing their survival and safety outcomes in patients with PC.

  • Update on Radiotherapy Changes of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Tumor Microenvironment

    The utilization of radiotherapy (RT) serves as the principal approach for managing nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). Consequently, it is imperative to investigate the correlation between the radiation microenvironment and radiation resistance in NPC.







Pigs: Large Animal Preclinical Cancer Models
Pigs are playing an increasingly vital role as translational biomedical models for studying human pathophysiology. The annotation of the pig genome was a huge step forward in translatability of pigs as a biomedical model for various human diseases. Full Text

Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Inhibition Increases Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress to Enhance Oxaliplatin Sensitivity in Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is an aggressive cancer resistant to current therapies, including oxaliplatin (Oxa). Growing evidence supports the ability of cancers to harness sphingolipid metabolism for survival. Full Text

Key Clinical Image

Synchronous Bilateral Breast Cancer With Discordant Receptor Status: Treating One Patient but Two Diseases
The expression of hormone receptors (estrogen and progesterone) and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2) has been used for both therapeutic and prognostic purposes in the management of breast cancer. The presence of a discordant receptor status complicates the approach to treatment in patients with synchronous bilateral breast cancer. Full Text

Current Issue


Vol. 15, No. 4, Aug 2024

Table of Contents


Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: The Diverse Choices and Changing Needs Abstract HTML PDF
Qi Tang, Hui Li, Xin Tong Zhao, Ze Ying Li, Chun Xiao Ma, Shao Qiang Zhou, De Dian Chen 527-542

Original Article

Increased Vitamin C Intake Is Associated With Decreased Pancreatic Cancer Risk Abstract HTML PDF
Maria Pereira, Matthew Cardeiro, Lexi Frankel, Bryan Greenfield, Kazuaki Takabe, Omar M. Rashid 543-549
Cost-Effectiveness of Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screenings for Lung Cancer in High-Risk Populations: A Markov Model Abstract HTML PDF
Chau-Chyun Sheu, Chun-Chun Wang, Jui-Sheng Hsu, Wei-Shiuan Chung, Hong-Yi Hsu, Hon-Yi Shi 550-561
Untapped Potential of Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors: Lessons Learned From the Real-World Clinical Homologous Recombination Repair Mutation Testing Abstract HTML PDF
Alexandra Lebedeva, Egor Veselovsky, Alexandra Kavun, Ekaterina Belova, Tatiana Grigoreva, Pavel Orlov, Anna Subbotovskaya, Maksim Shipunov, Oleg Mashkov, Fanil Bilalov, Peter Shatalov, Andrey Kaprin, Peter Shegai, Zhan Diuzhev, Ochir Migiaev, Natalya Vytnova, Vladislav Mileyko, Maxim Ivanov 562-578
Impact of Lymph Node Dissection for Patients With Clinically Node-Negative Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: A Multicenter Cohort Study Abstract HTML PDF
Meng Sha, Jie Cao, Cheng Lin Qin, Jian Zhang, Chao Fan, Zhe Li, Ying Tong, Lei Xia, Jian Jun Zhang, Qiang Xia 579-591
Cancer Screening in Renal Transplant Recipients: Real-World Data Abstract HTML PDF
Mohammad Hassan Al-thnaibat, Sundus Yahya Nser, Yasmeen Jamal Alabdallat, Maysoun Hajir 592-597
Association of Definitive Radiotherapy for Esophageal Cancer and the Incidence of Secondary Head and Neck Cancers: A SEER Population-Based Study Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3 Suppl4 Suppl5
Qian Qian Guo, Shi Zhou Ma, De Yao Zhao, Narasimha M. Beeraka, Hao Gu, Yu Fei Zheng, Rui Wen Zhao, Si Ting Li, Vladimir N. Nikolenko, Kirill V. Bulygin, Basappa Basappa, Rui Tai Fan, Jun Qi Liu 598-611
High Probability of Lynch Syndrome Among Colorectal Cancer Patients Is Associated With Higher Occurrence of KRAS and PIK3CA Mutations Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3
Didik Setyo Heriyanto, Naomi Yoshuantari, Gilang Akbariani, Vincent Lau, Hanifa Hanini, Zulfa Hidayati, Muhammad Zulfikar Arief, Andrew Nobiantoro Gunawan, Asep Muhamad Ridwanuloh, Wien Kusharyoto, Adeodatus Yuda Handaya, Mohammad Ilyas, Johan Kurnianda, Susanna Hilda Hutajulu, Susanti Susanti 612-624
Comparison of Outcomes Between Partial and Radical Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Localized Renal Tumors Larger Than Four Centimeters: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2
Bao Nan Dong, Jie Song, Wen Li Yang, Hui Zhan, Ting Luan, Jian Song Wang 625-639
Risk Stratification Tools to Aid Decisions on Adjuvant Chemotherapy Usage in Resected Soft Tissue Sarcomas: A Ten-Year Review of an Irish Sarcoma Center Experience Abstract HTML PDF
Catherine S. Weadick, Caitriona Goggin, Rachel J. Keogh, Jake F. Murphy, Linda Feeley, Michael W. Bennett, Seamus O'Reilly, H. Paul Redmond, Jason Kelly, Deirdre O'Mahony, Sinead Noonan, A. James P Clover, Richard M. Bambury 640-647
A New Ferroptosis-Related Long Non-Coding RNA Risk Model Predicts the Prognosis of Patients With Papillary Thyroid Cancer Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3 Suppl4
Jun Yu Zhao, Jin Ming Yao, Xin Zhong Zhang, Kai Li Wang, Shan Jiang, Si Yi Guo, Qi Qi Sheng, Lin Liao, Jian Jun Dong 648-661
Significance and Possible Biological Mechanism for CLDN8 Downregulation in Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma Tissues Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3 Suppl4 Suppl5 Suppl6
Han Chu Ji, Jian Di Li, Guan Lan Zhang, Zhi Guang Huang, Ji Wen Cheng, Sheng Hua Li, Chun Yan Zhao, Yu Xing Tang, Kai Qin, You Liang Ma, Yu Long, Gang Chen, Bin Qin 662-674
Use of Period Analysis to Timely Assess Five-Year Relative Survival for the Patients With Bone Cancer Abstract HTML PDF
Xian Kuan Xie, Xiao Jiao Zhao, Run Hua Li, Yong Ran Cheng, Xin Bing, Jun Yang, Liang You Wang, Hui Jun Zhu, Tian Hui Chen, Jin Fei Chen 675-681
Accumulation of CD56+ CD16- Natural Killer Cells in Response to Preoperative Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Abstract HTML PDF
Ryungsa Kim, Ami Kawai, Megumi Wakisaka, Mika Shimoyama, Naomi Yasuda, Mitsuya Ito, Takanori Kin, Koji Arihiro 682-694
Identification and Validation of a Novel Tertiary Lymphoid Structures-Related Prognostic Gene Signature in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3
Yin Liu, Chao Bo Li, Yun Peng Zhai, Shao Kang Zhang, Ding Yang Li, Zhi Qiang Gao, Ruo Peng Liang 695-710
Results of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy With CyberKnife-M6 for Primary and Metastatic Lung Cancer Abstract HTML PDF
Sureyya Sarihan, Sema Gozcu Tunc, Zenciye Kiray Irem, Arda Kahraman, Gokhan Ocakoglu 711-721

Short Communication

Hereditary Gastric Cancer Is Linked With Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Abstract HTML PDF Suppl1 Suppl2 Suppl3
Takuma Hayashi, Kenji Sano, Mako Okada, Takashi Ura, Ikuo Konishi 722-730

Case Report

Proximal Femoral Metastasis From Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Mutated Lung Adenocarcinoma Mimicking Osteosarcoma on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Abstract HTML PDF
Chang Jun Chen, Jun Feng Yin, Hao Xuan Zhang, Qing Wei Ma, Xin Zhao, Meng Chen, Da Yong Peng 731-735

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